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Our professional Hair Styling Scissors are manufactured of high-carbon stainless steel 440C AISI standard and its optimum hardness in the vacuum of an atmospheric chamber. (Typically C57-C59 on the Rockwell C-scale.)Scissors are made in three handle configurations offset, semi-offset and straight. With the offset handle, you can work with your shoulder straight and elbows down, using minimal wrist movements. The semi-offset is a comfortable compromise between the offset and straight-handle scissors.

Description: Offset Handle , Bawel Edge, Tension Adjustable Screw : Size: 5.5 " , 6"
CODE: LL001012
Description: Convex Blade , Tension Adjustable Screw : Size: 5" , 5.5 "
CODE: LL001013
Description: Titanium Color, Convex Shape Blade : Size: 5.5 ", 6"
CODE: LL001014